.What can compare to the taste of produce straight from the garden? The crunch of a just-picked maroon carrot? The tangy taste of cilantro? The aroma of leek soup simmering on the stove? When it comes to fresh vegetables full of flavor and good health, Little Bear speaks a language everyone understands.

There's a tremendous difference between Little Bear brand and ordinary produce. Here are some of the things that set us apart:
  • Each of our growers must conform to stringent quality standards. One contributing factor to the superior quality associated with the Little Bear brand is the fact that 90 percent of the seeds used are hybrid.
  • J&D employs seven field supervisors who make certain that irrigation and fertilization are correct and that we uphold safety requirements for chemical application. Our supervisors also ensure that cultivation is performed properly and that produce is handled gently during harvest.
  • And you should see the way we harvest! Our trucks drive into the fields loaded with ice and shade cloths, to protect and cool the fragile carrots, greens and other produce as it is transported to the shed.
  • To meet our requirements for size, uniformity, and appearance, Little Bear produce must pass our strict standards not once, but twice.
  • Then, when the produce comes into the shed, we wash it up to three times before packing. Next, we top off the box layers with ice in preparation for the trip to your warehouse.
  • Little Bear produce holds up well during shipping because we donít scrimp on our boxes. We use heavy, waxed cartons that are substantial enough to take the weight of our plump produce. These cartons cost us more but are well worth it.
  • When itís too hot to grow in Texas, itís just right in the higher elevations of Mexico. Thatís why J&D Produce has fields in both placesóto maintain a longer growing cycle that keeps fresh produce coming to your stores beyond the limits of regional growing seasons.
  • Because we manage the entire processófrom field, to truck, to warehouseó youíll discover that J&D Produce, Inc. lowers spoilage and inventory shrinkage.
  • J&D Produce preserves the earth that has been so good to us by composting, recycling, and managing our gardens according to sensible horticultural practices.
  • We owe our success to the growers who bring their energy and knowledge into the fields every day. We are all family. Thatís why J&D Produce provides benefits such as health insurance and above-average pay to everyone who works here. And we are pleased that so many of our people have chosen to stay with J&D for years and years.