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ProSource, Inc. Onion Recall

Oct 21, 2021

This Salmonella outbreak has been traced back to product grown in Chihuahua, Mexico and distributed by ProSource, Inc. We can verify that we do not pack onions from Chihuahua, Mexico nor do we do business with ProSource, Inc. and we have not been contacted by a regulatory agency regarding this outbreak. We have a traceback program […]

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Farm Manager Spotlight: Tony Brunnemann

Where are you from?   Mcallen, Texas  When did you start becoming interested in agriculture?  I started with Rogers Produce, I was dispatch. They needed someone there converting. They needed someone there to convert that cabbage line into a cantaloupe line. They wanted someone out in the field with the packing crew. That’s were it all started.  […]

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HoneySweet Key to J&D Onion Program Success

J&D Produce Inc. targets onion lovers with its proprietary, branded HoneySweet onion variety. Jimmy Bassetti, president of J&D, explained that there are people who see onions as a commodity. And then there are onion lovers. For the lovers, “Our HoneySweet onion has been tearless for nearly 15 years and our customers are loving it. The […]

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J&D Produce Wins the Grower Achievement Award

James Bassetti of J&D Produce: Our family has always had a passion for growing fruits and vegetables we can give to our own children.   American Vegetable Grower® magazine is happy to announce that Edinburg, TX-based J&D Produce is the 2019 winner of our prestigious Grower Achievement Award. J&D Produce’s leadership, owners Jimmy and Diane Bassetti […]

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